We want to make it as easy as possible for our partners to send in their packages. Following the steps below to help ensure that your package is processed quickly once we receive it! 

1. Simply rubber band all cards together and place them in the mailing envelope

2. Place a printed copy of your submission page. 

3. Print your shipping label, affix to the front of the package and hand it to the correct courier once you've scheduled your pickup through our portal!

Here are some additional tips and reminders as you are putting together your packages: 

  • No staples - Please do not staple cards, papers or any other items to cards. 
  • No paper clips, tape or staples - Please do not use anything to connect the cards to papers or receipts. Cards should be simply rubber-banded together and placed in the mailing envelope. 
  • No receipts - While we ask that you help verify card balances by seeing a valid receipt, we do not require that you provide these in your submission package. You may keep these for your records and dispose of them at your discretion. 
  • No Seller Agreement Forms - Like the receipts, we do require that you have a copy signed by the customer, but these are to be kept by your store location or corporate office and can be disposed of after 3 months.