Gift card retailers implement various security measures to protect against fraud. One such measure is a scratch-off security code, with a unique number below. This means the PIN code and in some cases the card number are covered and should not be scratched off by anyone except you. So long as the scratch-off is intact and has not been tampered with, the gift card is protected. Below are some tips to help with detecting when a PIN may have been tampered with. 

If you suspect a PIN or card has been tampered with, please immediately enter the card information into the portal, flag the card and let the customer know the transaction has been declined by GiftCardBin. 

Signs that a gift card's PIN has been tampered with: 

A clear  border around the sticker that extends down into the text below or bleeds into the margins of the card. PIN stickers generally don't cover or overlap text or other important information (bar codes, margins, etc).

Inline image 11

A "crooked" PIN sticker

A PIN sticker that has mismatched edges (one or both sides appear to be "cut")

Residue around the PIN area, even though the PIN sticker looks intact. 

PIN strips that overlap text or other important information (barcodes, text, numbers,etc): 

Examples of untampered PINs*

(*card designs and location of PIN may vary)

  • Straight PIN sticker
  • Can sometimes have text, "wavy" lines, or the retailer's logo
  • Edges are straight or rounded but all match one another
  • Edges of PIN sticker don't overlap other areas of the card information

Best Buy

Home Depot






(Note: Walmart generally pre-scratches all the card # and PINs off of their store credits)


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