From time to time, you may have customers come into your store attempting to sell gift cards that are on their phones, or printed out on paper from their home computer. 

At this time, GiftCardBin does NOT accept "digital" and "home printed" gift cards, primarily due to the opportunity for recurrent fraud with these types of digital cards. Fraudsters can take the same gift card to several locations (that may be outside of our partner network) and attempt to sell several times over to different branches that purchase gift cards. Additionally, digital gift cards and emailed gift cards are oftentimes "tied" to a person's account or email address, making it difficult for someone else outside of the original owner, to use that card in the future. 

So, if you have someone come into your store with one of these "digital" or printed gift cards, please do not accept the gift card, even if you are able to verify the balance. 

Example of a digital gift card printed at home and brought into a store: