Schedule a UPS Pickup Online 


Did you know that you can do this through our UPS account by logging in instead of having to call to schedule it? 


Below are the step by step directions to do this: 


1.) Log into our UPS account by clicking here.

Username: giftcardbin

Password: Worldwide1

2.) Click on Shipping from the top menu bar.

3.) Click on Schedule a Pick Up


Step 1 – Leave payment method as default.




Step 2 – In most cases the stores should already have a label.




Step 3 – Please enter the address information of where the package will be picked up.




Step 4 - Please make sure you are selecting the appropriate shipping option for their label type (99.9% are going to be UPS ground, with a select few that are packages over $5,000 in card value will be Next Day Air. 







You can determine this by having them look at their label and tell you. 





Step 5 – Schedule the date and time for pickup





Click next in the lower right and complete the pickup request.